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Lotus farming used to be a common way of life in the old days. Since 1970 Bangkok population growing fast. A lot of small canals and ponds were demolished. To build roads and residences. On this trip we will take you back to the old days at Mahasawat canal. Experience firsthand a real touch of rural life. Mahasawat canal is in Nakhonprathom province (60 km) cruising for (2.30 hrs.) Authentic touch of rural Thai greenery and orchards, rice paddies, and colorful orchid and lotus farms dot the landscape throughout the journey. Visit the biggest lotus farm where you can see variety of lotuses.

Mahasawat canal was built by the order of King Rama IV (1851-1868) to connect Chao Phaya river in Bangkok with Nakhon Chai-Sri river in Nakhon Prathom for agricultural and transport purpose.


Visit The Bizarre Risky Train Market (70 km) the only market that vendors set up their portable stalls alongside the train tracks. When trains pass by they all move in a great rush to move their stalls from the tracks and put them back again after the trains pass by. It is a thrilling sight to see!

We proceed to Klong-Klone fishery market. Which is Famous for oyster farms, mussel farms and shrimp paste. Transfer to private boat then cruising out for (70 min.) Enjoying the mangrove forest which very important for coastal ecosystem and marine animals. Feeding the Pick-tail monkeys that living on Mangrove forest viewing the oyster and mussel farms. We then arrived at Kra-tang (shell farm huts in the sea) where farmers stay to watch their farms. Enjoy the seafood lunch and fascinating scene. 


Suphanburi Province (100 km) is situated in the central of Thailand which famous for rice production 80% of farmers here are paddy farmers. Thai Rice is No.1 export of the country and worldwide famous. To experience the farmer's way of life we change clothes to farmer gear (guest can prepare their own clothes or take the farmer's clothes) Then we ride the farmer's tractor through paddy fields by a farmer himself and try farming for yourself.
Lunch at local restaurant by the paddy field. After lunch we visit rice mill to learn the farming process from the paddy to finished rice as well as experiencing the old way of hand-pounding rice